Ysis’ Pedigree: http://www.working-dog.eu/dogs-details/1009259/Ysis-vom-Rosseleck


She has done a lot! There is not much more this girl can do…

Ysis Competition Results:

SV Bundessiegerprüfung 2016 45th place (99-88-81: 268) [German National Championships]
SV Landessgruppenaussheidung LGA 2016 (LG19) (85-95-94: 274) [German Regional Championships]
SV LG-FCI (LG19) 2016 (87-86-87: 260) [German Regional Championships]
FCI All Breed National Champion 2015 (UK) 2015: 1st place (82-94-94: 270) [UK National Championships]
FCI World Championships 2015, Delemont Switzerland: placed 70th out of 134 dogs. (88-91-81: 260) [International Championships]
WUSV World Championships 2015, Lahti Finland: placed 57th out of 109 dogs. (85-93-76: 254) [International Championships]
GSDL National Championships 2015: 3rd place (90-94-84: 268) [UK National Championships]; 2018 – DQ 🙂
FH2 Tracking Title: 100pts
Breed Survey (K̦rung, Germany) РSG

Ysis is from superb family bloodlines – 5 generations of female SchH3 mother line! All HD/ED Normal in health, imported from Germany as a puppy, trained and handled by us.

IPO3 (96-99-94=289), AD, BH, Körung (Breed Survey/Certification Germany)

Her mother Viva (IPO3) of which all three females (Verdori, Varah, Viva) are all IPO3 and LGA Regional Competitors; Grand-mother Nell vom Rosseleck (2 x BSP National Competitor, 2 x Bundes FCI National, FH2) – five siblings SchH3; Great grand-mother Hippolythe (SchH3 LGA FH2, SV Bundes FH) – five siblings SchH3 of which 2 males were BSP competitors.

She has already proven her work at the highest level, multiple times, with fantastic temperament, stable around dogs and very social to people. A very loyal dog, innovative and intelligent with great natural focus and intensity in tracking and tremendous power in obedience. A very intense dog and serious in protection.

Her father, Oskar von den Wannaer Höhen (SchH3) is known for very good full grips, strong aggression and producing strong nerve puppies. The breeder of Oskar (Horst-Dieter Träger) is a well-respected national judge and breeder since 1984 breeding healthy and strong working dogs, many of which have achieved regional and national level trial.

Ysis’ mother, Viva vom Rosseleck (IPO3, 2013) is sired by Immo vom Waldwinkel (SchH3), Grand-sire Sid vom Haus Pixner (SchH3, BSP FH2).

We hugely thank her breeder, Ms. Gabriele Köstler, for the opportunity to own such an outstanding female and for taking such great care of her in Germany too. 


Ysis vom Rosseleck at WUSV Lahti, Finland 2015 (Obedience)
Ysis vom Rosseleck 97pts Obedience
Ysis vom Rosseleck 93pts Protection