Working German Shepherd Puppies

Upcoming litter: Winter 2019

I will be breeding Yuna vom Waldwinkel with K’nox vom Tollhaus.

Sire: K’nox vom Tollhaus – German National Champion
Dam: Yuna vom Waldwinkel – UK FCI National Champion

We will be having a superb litter of working German Shepherd puppies later this year, mating could be this year with puppies ready for new homes early 2020. Enquiries welcome.

Contact: or +447888107332 (Whatsapp/text/phone)

Our dam is Yuna vom Waldwinkel: HD/ED Normal, IGP3, SG, Koerung, Teeth perfect, DNA parentage tested.

  • FCI All breed national champion in UK 2019, 1st place.
  • Reserve WUSV World Championships Italy
  • 1st Place IGP females, 4th overall at WUSV Universal Sieger 2019.
  • Team GB FCI World Championships Austria

Yuna is very well suited for police/service work as well as for sport, perfect environmentally. Outside of her work, she is very social with people and dogs. I would expect puppies to be also.

As there has already been interest in my next litter, please contact me on:

Yuna vom Waldwinkel 1st Place (high obedience & high protection)
UK FCI All Breed National Championships 2019 (Saltire, Scotland GSDL)
WUSV Universal Sieger Photo credit: Janice Mitchell
WUSV Universal Sieger Photo credit: Janice Mitchell
WUSV Universal Sieger Photo credit: Janice Mitchell

Hohenburg Puppies (results) – A brief summary of just some of the achievements our puppies have proudly gained:

Hohenburg Aaron IGP3
WM FCI 2019/WUSV 2018 Reserve 3 x UK GSD Nationals (GSDL) 3 x FCI All Breed Nationals

Hohenburg Apocalypse IGP3
WM FCI 2018 UK GSD Nationals 2018 FCI All Breed Nationals 2018

Hohenburg Atticus IGP3
7 x Spanish Championships (2016-2019) RSCE, SECPA, CEPPA

Hohenburg Apolo IPO1

Hohenburg Bria IGP3
WM WUSV 2018 2 x UK GSD Nationals (GSDL) 2 x FCI All Breed Nationals
(Also qualified for WM FCI 2019)

Hohenburg Baki IGP3
2 Bundes FCI, 2 x LGA, 2 x LG-FCI (German Championships)

Hohenburg Boa IPO3
UK GSD Nationals (GSDL)

Hohenburg Batch IPO3

Hohenburg Baloo IPO1 (100-96-100)

Hohenburg Batch IPO1

Hohenburg Dax IGP3
WM FCI 2019, FCI All Breed Nationals

Hohenburg Dina UK Police

Hohenburg Dori UK Police