Working German Shepherd Puppies

Upcoming litter: Winter 2019 (Nov/Dec 2019)

We will be having a superb litter of working German Shepherd puppies later this year, mating could be this year with puppies ready for new homes early 2020. Contact me here for reservations and enquiries.

Contact: or +447888107332 (Whatsapp/mobile)

Sire: Miro von der alten Schmiede

The dam, owned, raised and trained by me from puppy is arguably the most accomplished working German Shepherd females in the UK in IGP.

Click here for the dam’s details: Yuna vom Waldwinkel – UK FCI National Champion

Our dam is Yuna vom Waldwinkel: HD/ED Normal (German health system: health tested, hips/elbows perfect), IGP3, SG, Koerung (breed survery, eligible for breeding), Teeth perfect, DNA parentage tested.

  • FCI All breed national champion in UK 2019, 1st place.
  • GSDL National Championships 2019, 3rd place
  • Team GB Competitor FCI World Championships Austria
  • Team GB Reserve WUSV World Championships Italy
  • Team GB WUSV Universal Sieger 2019 1st Place IGP females, 4th overall

Hohenburg Puppies (results) – A brief summary of just some of the achievements our puppies have proudly gained:

Hohenburg Aaron IGP3
WM FCI 2019/WUSV 2018 Reserve 3 x UK GSD Nationals (GSDL) 3 x FCI All Breed Nationals

Hohenburg Apocalypse IGP3
WM FCI 2018 UK GSD Nationals 2018 FCI All Breed Nationals 2018

Hohenburg Atticus IGP3
7 x Spanish Championships (2016-2019) RSCE, SECPA, CEPPA

Hohenburg Apolo IPO1

Hohenburg Bria IGP3
WM WUSV 2018 2 x UK GSD Nationals (GSDL) 2 x FCI All Breed Nationals
(Also qualified for WM FCI 2019)

Hohenburg Baki IGP3
2 Bundes FCI, 2 x LGA, 2 x LG-FCI (German Championships)

Hohenburg Boa IPO3
UK GSD Nationals (GSDL)

Hohenburg Batch IPO3

Hohenburg Baloo IPO1 (100-96-100)

Hohenburg Batch IPO1

Hohenburg Dax IGP3
WM FCI 2019, FCI All Breed Nationals, GSDL Nationals 2019

Hohenburg Dina UK Police

Hohenburg Dori UK Police