We named our Working German Shepherd kennel “Hohenburg” after the site in Cambridge, England – the originally settlement, north of the river Cam. “Höhenburg thus literally translates to Hill-top Castle, Castlehill”

We are a small non-commercial breeder, Kennel Club registered, aiming to breed from top working German Shepherd bloodlines by both proven and upcoming parents. My puppies and dogs have been home to national and international competitors in IPO Schutzhund in the UK, Ireland, USA, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Italy; including FCI World Competitors and WUSV (World Championship) participants.  

My personal achievements:

  • Team Captain for Great Britain World Championships WUSV Universal Sieger Belgium 2018.
  • Team Captain for Great Britain World Championships FCI Germany 2017. 
  • Great Britain competitor and Team Captain World Championships FCI Switzerland 2015 with Ysis vom Rosseleck.
  • Great Britain competitor and Team Captain World Championships WUSV Finland 2015 with Ysis vom Rosseleck.
  • Ysis vom Rosseleck BH-IPO3, Taiga vom Waldwinkel BH-IPO1, Yuna vom Waldwinkel BH-IPO1.
  • Hohenburg dogs: World Championship competitors, UK National Championships, German National Championships, Spanish National Championships.

You will find ALL of our breeding studs and females to be titled to a minimum working qualification (IPO1 to IPO3, Schutzhund), and health tested to meet relevant hip/elbow requirements.

We aim to breed puppies that are physically healthy, genetically stable environmentally, social in everyday life, and also have a superb working ability. Our dogs live with our other small house dogs, children and in a household environment. We believe that a German Shepherd Dog should be capable of a variety of disciplines, as well as superb temperament and be a great family dog.

We have been very fortunate to meet with some of the most experienced and accomplished breeders in Germany & Rest of Europe who have been kind enough to share their thoughts and guidance in the working German Shepherd dog. People we have worked with, learnt from, trained with and/or influenced us greatly, top trainers, world champions, treasured mentors, friends, judges and especially top breeders – thank you!

All of them, we owe a lot to, for if it was not their time and knowledge that they gave us we would not be able to do what we do.

We welcome all levels of owners, from beginner to the most experienced because I believe that owning a dog is a never ending learning experience.

Edmond Kan
‘Hohenburg’ Castlehill Working German Shepherds


Some of the dogs and their achievements

Next litter: PLANNED

We are incredibly excited to announce a wonderful mating between Ravi del Lupo Nero and our very own Ysis vom Rosseleck. Click here for more information: https://www.castlehill-kennels.com/puppies/ 

Hohenburg Bria – Congratulations

Congratulations to Ruth and Hohenburg Bria(n) on their performance at the WUSV World Championships 2018 in Randers, Denmark! First time handler and first time at the World Championships for German Shepherds! Well done!

Unfortunately Yuna is not pregnant

Unfortunately Yuna confirmed not pregnant. It was after all a decision that we wished would come into fruition. Thank you to Pike and his wonderful owner Petra! All the best!