I offer training from puppy to advanced pet obedience, competition training (IGP/IPO) to guard/protection purposes in UK & Worldwide.

For all our puppies, I offer free advice on nutrition, training and lifestyle.  Unlike some other breeders, I select and train my dogs from a puppy and I have proven my training at the highest levels with them!

Whether your goal is to have a perfect pet as a companion or to train for competitions, I would be more than happy to help you on your journey. 

You can see some of my work here: 
G3 Dogs – 

Additional services:

  • Training for IPO: puppy foundation up to competitive showing from BH to IGP/IPO3.
  • Selecting and sourcing puppies, brood bitches & young/adult dogs for competition.
  • Show grading & health tests for breeding: X-ray in UK or Germany.
  • Mating & preparations for bitches (blood progesterone testing, ultrasound, vaccinations, transport) for natural matings in Germany/Europe.
Lathi (Finland): WUSV 2015: Edmond Kan: Ysis vom Rosseleck: Photo by Jan Redder / Constanze Raehse