Goran van Serburus x Amy vom dunklen Zwinger

Hohenburg Puppies:
Males: Baki (IPO, Germany), Branko (IPO, Germany), Bente (IPO, Devon), Batchi (IPO, Shrops.), Batch (Working Trials/IPO, Lincs), Blue (Pet/IPO, Essex)
Females: Bria (IPO, Yorkshire), Boa (IPO, Yorkshire), Boyana (Working Trials, Lincs), Betty (Working Trials, Swansea)


Sire: V Goran van Serburus SchH3 96-96-97 Kkl1 (Best scores: 100, 96, 98) 
HD/ED Normal WUSV Universal Sieger 2012 (4th), selected also for 2013 (Won Qualification 2013).
WUSV 2012 (Austria) Team Belgium

Dam: SG Amy v. Dunklen Zwinger SchH1 88-95-96= 279 
HD/ED Normal, AD

Pedigree of Puppies: http://www.working-dog.eu/wurf-details/20803/Hohenburg 

Line bred: 4 – 5 Aly vom Vordersteinwald

I am incredibly fortunate to be able to bring this breeding to the UK. The breeder/owner of Amy, Karl Deisenroth, is a LGA FCI judge and breeder of the kennel in Germany ‘v. Dunklen Zwinger’ for over 15 years. (Also handles: Endy v. Karthago the widely used stud in Germany/Europe) Goran is a really good dog. Really confident, social, clear in the head, and big will to please. Fast despite his impressive size, really muscular and a big head! I have never seen a dog like him! Definitely stands out in the crowd.

(Goran van Seburus SchH3, WUSV)

He is selected for World Universal Sieger this year, 2013, winning the qualification. In 2012 he came 4th with the score: 94-90-96. (96 in protection). Goran and his owner, Geert Troonen, represented Belgium at WUSV 2012 (Austria). Goran is not only a high achieving dog, he is V-rated, so good looking too! 

Amy’s 3rd litter (this one, with Goran) is of mutual decision and by recommendation of her breeder, 2 male puppies will be travelling to Germany for IPO.

About Amy vom dunklen Zwinger:
In the most recent SV LG FCI (LG09) 2013 – 4 of the top 6 were from Amy’s kennel: vom dunklen Zwinger, with Amy’s brother (Alli) winning the trial.

Amy is described by her breeder as ‘not a single product’ meaning that her siblings are very good dogs too.
Ando v. dunklen Zwinger – IPO3 and Alli vom dunklen Zwinger (Full brother of Amy) won the LG FCI 2013 with 284 points (97-91-96), and is a well used stud dog in Germany.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 00.39.05 
(Amy vom dunklen Zwinger SchH1 SG HD/ED Normal)

Amy’s father, Quasimodo vom Rosseleck, 3 x BSP and sire of our A-litter, is an exceptional dog; Amy’s mother: Tara v. d. Adelegg is from Ellute v. d Mohnwiese (2 x BSP) x Desch v. d. Adelegg (BSP) and still a breeding female in Germany producing many IPO qualified dogs in Germany.

In Amy’s 1st and 2nd generation, 4 out of 6 dogs, of her parents and grand parents were in the BSP (German National Competition)

Videos and pictures on working-dog.eu of both parents: http://www.working-dog.eu/wurf-details/20803/Hohenburg 

Most recent video of Goran v. Serburus for Universal Selection: (winner of qualification 2013, qualified for 2013 World Universal Sieger)

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