Working German Shepherd Puppies
  Our Hohenburg D-litter 
Puppies Born: 11 November 2014
 – 5 males and 4 females
All puppies are now sold. 

We are proud to announce the planned litter of:

Gerry vom Weißeritztal (IPO3, SchH3, FH1, FH2, BSP 2013, 2 x LGA) x Amy vom dunklen Zwinger (SchH1, SG, 88-95-96)
Both parents HD/ED Normal (Hips/Elbows) 

  Pedigree of Puppies:

(In 6 generations)

4 – 6……………………………………. in Marc vom Herkulesblick
5 – 6,6…………………………………. in Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft 3 x BSP
5 – 6,6 ………………………………… in Greif vom Herkulesblick LGA
6 -6 ……………………………………. in Mink vom Haus Wittfeld 2 x BSP

5 males, 4 females born 11 November 2014. 
Darko (IPO/Ireland), Drako (IPO/Lincs.), Decker (Companion/Trials), David (Companion/Ob), Dax (IPO/Ireland)
Dion (IPO, Berkshire), Dina (Met Police), Dori (Met Police), Dani (IPO/Ireland)

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Puppies will be vet checked, wormed, Kennel Club registered with 4 weeks free insurance. Puppies are endorsed pending health certification.


We are incredibly excited about this upcoming litter. Amy’s brother, Alli, recently placed 13th in the BSP German National German Shepherd Championships (94-92-92: 280), and also Eika dunklen Zwinger (same breeder) placing 3rd; out of 120 dogs in Germany, a WUSV (World) Competitor. 

Gerry has also been used by kennel Aykmar (Czech National Champion 2014 and 8th in the WUSV World Championships for German Shepherds).

Both sire and dam have superb temperaments, social, friendly and most of all stable around people and children as well as both having excellent working abilities. These are NOT hectic dogs, they are high in drive but can ‘turn off’ at home or when not working! 

About Gerry vom Weißeritztal: (Health Tested: Hips/Elbows – HD/ED Normal)
I first heard of Gerry in 2012, before any major trial and considered him for stud with Amy last year. Since then, he has qualified for 3 regional competitions (winning one), and qualified for the BSP in 2013.

Gerry has been used for stud, with a list that includes: Celly vom Ecke (Javir v. Talka Marda x Yaska v Prielberg), a daughter of Endy von Karthago x Xenia von den Wölfen, David Buss (vom Wieratal) and Aykmar Kennels (Czech National Champion 2014: Extreme Aykmar) with both Emma Aykmar (sister of Extreme) and Yanica vom Haus Pixner.

Gerry’s highest scores: IPO3 trial, 95-96-95 in 2013. 99pts in FH2. BSP 2013, (90-83-93).

Gerry is an excellent tracking dog, incredible drive, willingness in obedience, and a very strong grip with high speed and force to the helper. As his breeder (and judge) describes as ‘a dog with very strong nerves’.

Gerry has achieved a good level in competition, in my opinion, unlucky in some trials (a storm before his track!). A very impressive dog, large, of great stature, excellent natural jumping technique, very strong head but also incredibly fast and powerful. (Watch his long attack at the BSP on!)

His brother, Gauner is SchH3, and 3 x RSV2000 competitor, winner in 2014, top 10 (8th place) in VDH all breed German Nationals (August 2014), highest placed German Shepherd (98-94-93) and recently RSV Global World Championships 1st Place. 

Gerry vom Weißeritztal (IPO3, FH2, BSP 2013, 2 x LGA) Video Courtesy: Marek Cerny (Czech National Champion 2014)

Gerry’s father, Mic von der Kine, is a very well known sire of many good offspring. Sire of ‘Glenn vom Haus Valkenplatz’, 2nd place Vice Sieger WUSV USA 2013, 4th Place WUSV 2012, 1st place Dutch Championship 2012/2013, WUSV 2014; Eran van Houthrack WUSV 2014 Team Holland; Norbert Aritar Bastet (WUSV Czech); Gotika Aritar Bastet (Czech Nationals), Vampira Eqidius CS (Sharon Ronen WUSV World Champion 2009).

Gerry’s mother, Cora vom Lohbach, 2 x LGA, 2 x LG-FCI has produced from 4 litters, 8 IPO3 titles dogs, many of which compete at national level. Dasko, SchH1-3 V rated. 2 x BSP (5th Place, 2010 98-91-94) 4 x LGA, Dino SchH3 LGA, Fenja IPO3 3 x WUSV (Team USA), Freya IPO3 2 x LGA, and of course Gerry, Gauner and Gitte.

About Amy vom dunklen Zwinger: (Health Tested: Hips/Elbows – HD/ED Normal, Degenerative Myelopathy DM Free (N/N))
Amy already has already many promising young progeny in the UK/EU dog sport (IPO). All are in active Schutzhund clubs or working trials homes around the UK. Read more about Amy here >> 

Amy’s brother, Alli, graded 99pts in protection at LGA 2014. Last year’s SV LG FCI (LG09) 2013 – 4 of the top 6 were from Amy’s kennel: ‘vom dunklen Zwinger’, with Amy’s brother (Alli) winning the regional trial (97-91-96).  

Amy vom dunklen Zwinger SchH1 SG HD/ED Normal, Photo courtesy of Dapo.

Amy’s father, Quasimodo vom Rosseleck, has stud over 40 litters in Germany, including numerous police forces in UK too (Met, Surrey, West Mids, Devon). We know him and his mother lines very well as we imported him to England, as well as having Ysis; Quasi being 3 x BSP and also sire of our A-litter.

Amy’s mother should also not be ignored, after all many of the best dogs come from great dams too: Tara v. d. Adelegg is from Ellute v. d Mohnwiese (2 x BSP) x Desch v. d. Adelegg (BSP). Tara has 11 IPO3 progeny, and 6 IPO1, many at regional and national level.

Tara SchH1 (C 96pts), ScH2 (C 96 pts). Mother of Zibu vom dunklen Zwinger IPO3: SV FCI 2014 (20th place), 1st place SV LG FC 2012/2013I, 2 x BSP; Conner v. dunklen Zwinger IPO3 (SV LG FCI 2014, LGA), Hera aus dem Elbtal IPO3 (DVG, SV LG FCI 2014), Gracie vom dunklen Zwinger IPO3 just to name a few.

Her mother, Desch, a BSP competitor herself, also producer of Jako (LGA Champion, BSP), Jockel (WDA Regional Champion USA), Nanda BSP 2007, Tyson Adelegg. 18 progeny in total at IPO3/SchH3.

In Amy’s 1st and 2nd generation, 4 out of 6 dogs, of her parents and grand parents were in the BSP (German National Competition).

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