Another incredible experience – unfortunately we sometimes need things to align and a bit of luck, I guess.

Tracking was strangely difficult for our group, with only a few dogs passing in what looked like good conditions. Perhaps it was the excessive wind, perhaps something else we couldn’t account for, perhaps just our training?! 🙂

Obedience went well, and just unfortunately Yuna made a mistake (slipped) on the a frame, and dropped the dumbbell. She picked it up anyway and completed the retrieve, even though the points would have been lost anyway.

The protection could have been a lot better, I made some mistakes in the preparation so that’s me, more than her. You can see from every other trial her ‘normal’ behaviour 🙂

Of our experience, one of the proudest moments was to see both Hohenburg Aaron and Dax compete on the team together. They both put in respectable performances and seeing the little pups (now big dogs!) take to the field was proof that my efforts for breeding are worthwhile.

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