WUSV Universal Sieger 2019 World Championships (Nantwich, England)

1st place (female) in IGP (94-87-90) and 4th overall (including show).  We are extremely proud to have represented GB for our first World Universal Sieger Championships. Yuna as always performed brilliantly and did us proud.

Tracking: Yuna indicated all 3 articles, slightly slow on the first. Circled a little on the 2nd corner. Remaining tracks excellent.

Obedience: missed the sit… and slipped on the a-frame on the way out. 2nd command and she retrieved amazingly, but a big point deduction. The rest was relatively in order!!

Protection: she was a little too excited, and showed her inexperience (2nd IGP3 ever, and 2nd big competition too!) unfortunately missing blind 4. The back transport needed a little tidying up 🙂

All in all, it was a fantastic experience.